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Refine Your Surgical Results

Revision procedures are surgical interventions to refine or correct previous cosmetic surgeries, ensuring optimal results and satisfaction. These procedures are tailored to address specific concerns that may have arisen post-operatively or to improve upon the outcomes of initial surgeries. Common revision procedures include adjustments to tummy tucks, breast augmentations, implant exchange, and breast reductions, each addressing unique aesthetic and functional considerations.

patient undergoing tummy tuck surgery in Washington, DC

Benefits of Revision Procedures:

  • Allow for adjustments to be made to previous surgeries
  • Improved symmetry, contour, and overall appearance
  • Correct complications that may have arisen from the initial surgery
  • Correct issues like implant malposition, capsular contracture, or asymmetry
  • Ensure you are happy with your cosmetic outcomes
  • The opportunity to regain confidence in your appearance
  • Maintain the results of previous surgeries over time

What Happens During the Revision Procedures Consultation?

During the consultation, Drs. Patrick and Hannan will evaluate your concerns and goals to develop a tailored plan for your surgery. You can discuss your expectations, any issues you’ve encountered since your initial procedure, and your desired outcomes. Our surgeons will thoroughly examine the areas of concern and consider factors such as skin elasticity, tissue quality, and overall health to determine the most appropriate course of action.

We’ll guide you through the revision process, explaining the techniques involved, potential risks, and expected outcomes. We aim to ensure you feel informed and confident in your decision to undergo revision surgery. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and address any lingering uncertainties. Together, we’ll collaborate to create a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your aesthetic goals and ensures the best possible results.

You Might Be A Candidate If…

  • You are experiencing dissatisfaction with the results of your previous procedure.
  • You are experiencing complications such as implant malposition, capsular contracture, or asymmetry following a previous surgery.
  • You have experienced changes in your body, such as weight fluctuations or pregnancy, that have affected the results of a previous procedure.
  • You have realistic expectations and understand that revision surgery may not achieve perfection but can improve upon previous results.
  • You are in good overall health and do not have any medical conditions that would significantly increase the risks associated with surgery.
  • You are committed to following pre-operative and post-operative instructions to optimize your results and minimize the risk of complications.
  • You have a positive outlook and are motivated to undergo revision surgery to enhance your appearance and regain confidence in your body.

Examples of Revision Procedures

Tummy Tuck Revisions

Tummy tuck revisions are secondary surgical procedures aimed at refining or correcting the results of a previous abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck. They are needed for various reasons, including dissatisfaction with the initial outcome, changes in body weight or shape, or complications such as asymmetry, excess skin, or scarring.

A tummy tuck revision may involve techniques like liposuction to further sculpt the abdomen, tightening of the abdominal muscles, removal of excess skin, or revision of the original incisions to minimize scarring. The specific approach will depend on your needs and goals, and our surgeons will discuss the options and expected outcomes during the consultation.

Breast Reduction Revisions

Breast reduction revisions involve secondary procedures aimed at refining or adjusting the results of a previous breast reduction. These revisions may be necessary for several reasons, including dissatisfaction with the initial outcome, changes in breast size or shape over time, or complications such as asymmetry, inadequate tissue removal, or undesirable scarring.

A breast reduction revision may involve removing additional breast tissue, adjusting the position of the nipple-areola complex, or revising the original incisions to improve symmetry and minimize scarring. Our surgeons may also use liposuction or tissue rearrangement techniques to help you achieve the desired breast shape and contour.

Breast Augmentation Revisions/Implant Exchange

Breast augmentation revisions involve the replacement or adjustment of breast implants to address various concerns or achieve desired changes in breast size, shape, or appearance. These may be necessary due to complications like capsular contracture, implant malposition, implant rupture, or changes in your aesthetic preferences. Additionally, some individuals may seek implant exchange to switch from saline to silicone implants or vice versa or to adjust the size or profile of their implants for a more proportionate or natural-looking result.

A breast augmentation revision or implant exchange may involve removing the existing implants, addressing any complications, and selecting new implants that better meet your aesthetic goals. The surgery may also include adjustments to the breast pocket or surrounding tissue to optimize implant placement and improve overall breast shape and size.

Inspiring Confidence With Natural Results

Washington Women Plastic Surgery is your trusted destination for expert revision procedures led by board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Lauren Patrick and Dr. Catherine Hannan. Our surgeons are committed to delivering natural-looking results and work collaboratively to address your specific concerns and goals, ensuring you feel confident and satisfied with your aesthetic outcomes. Schedule your consultation to achieve the beautiful, harmonious results you deserve.

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