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“Dr. Patrick and Dr. Hannan are first class. I had 2 surgeries involving a couple of procedures and saw Dr. Patrick for the majority of my pre/post op visits--she is truly amazing. She listens and addresses all questions/concerns without rushing the visit. She is most concerned with patient happiness and satisfaction. The staff is also equally as kind and amazing which I find is often not the case with medical offices. My mother accompanied me for my surgery and apparently was snoozing while waiting. A staff member kindly escorted her to an available patient room with a lounge chair and provided her with a blanket so she could nap comfortably! It warmed my heart that they were so kind to her.

If you are considering having a procedure or two--I highly recommend them! BTW-- my results are amazing”

Amber Parker

“What can I say about this team of women!!! Oh...I know! EXCEPTIONAL!! I absolutely LOVE everything about them ESPECIALLY their work. From the consultation to the post operative management Dr. Patrick was there. There was NEVER a detail I could not share or express. She walked me through with such professionalism and grace. I had a mommy makeover and could not be more pleased. After four children , last one at 10 pounds one can imagine the challenge. In fact, I am scheduling soon for additional "tweaks". In fact, don't trust what I say, just make the first call. You will be thanking me later.”

Keshia Jackson

“I'm so happy to have found Washington Women Plastic Surgery to address my needs. Dr. Patrick and Dr. Hannan are highly skilled surgeons who were professional, respectful, and fully engaged in addressing my concerns. Their staff and office assured my privacy in a safe and comfortable space. The five star results I received were beyond my expectations.”


“Dr. Patrick is an exceptional physician. I wish all the medical professionals I encountered were as knowledgeable, kind, and easy to talk to. I am beyond pleased with the results of my procedure and I can honestly say she cares about my total health. Dr. Patrick is one a kind, and anyone in her care is in excellent hands.”

Kelly D.

“I had top surgery with Dr. Patrick and Dr. Hannan And have been absolutely thrilled with the entire process and the results. The team were incredibly gender, affirming, answered any questions I had throughout the process, And made me and my family super comfortable. Highly recommend!!”

Ariel Rosen

“My experience with Doctors Patrick and Hannan has been nothing short of excellent. They demonstrate a high level of professionalism, courtesy, and expertise throughout the entire process. They provided me with a comprehensive consultations, explaining the procedures, and addressed all my concerns and queries. The Botox injections were administered swiftly and skillfully, with no discomfort and no complications. The results exceeded my expectations. My face looks significantly smoother. I have recommended both Dr. Patrick and Dr. Hannan to all my friends and family who are interested in Botox.”

Bridget Hill

“Dr. Hannan does life changing work. Background - I had two large children less than 18 months apart and wanted a tummy tuck to fix the aftermath. Then entire process from pre-operative, surgery day, and postoperative visits have been amazing. Every time I met with Dr. Hannan she was incredibly knowledgeable, but also tremendously warm and kind. She addressed all my concerns and more! She even anticipated my needs. I was extremely nervous before I met with her, but she was amazing every step of the way. If you are considering surgery I highly recommend Dr. Hannan. Thank you Dr. Hannan for changing and improving my quality of life!!!”

Amanda Collado-Milligan

“Dr Patrick and Dr Hannan are wonderful at their jobs and as people. Their office team is additionally great and always on top of everything you need. Immensely happy with the work I got done with them! Highly recommend”

Lindsey Latham

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