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Meet Amanda Bader

Drawing on over a decade of dedicated service within the medical field, Amanda Bader seamlessly intertwines her passion for aesthetics with her profound understanding of patient care. As both Manager and Surgical Coordinator, she orchestrates a symphony of support and guidance, ensuring each individual’s journey towards self-enhancement is as seamless as it is transformative. Born and raised in the DMV region, Amanda brings forth a local perspective that resonates deeply with our patients, infusing every interaction with a blend of familiarity and empathy.

With a flair for fashion and an eye for detail, Amanda tailors bespoke solutions that empower patients to achieve their personal goals with confidence.

Having undergone procedures herself under the skilled hands of esteemed surgeons Dr. Patrick and Dr. Hannan, Amanda not only empathizes with her patients but also offers genuine insights born from her own experiences. Her commitment to providing unparalleled personalized attention ensures that each individual feels valued and understood throughout their journey.

At Washington Women Plastic Surgery, Amanda stands as a beacon of expertise and compassion, dedicated to making each step of the transformative process both enlightening and enriching. From education to execution, she serves as the ultimate guide, empowering patients to navigate their deeply personal decisions with ease. Trust Amanda to be your unwavering ally as you embark on your journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

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